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Application of elevator intelligent whole machine in elevator? 

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?G500 inverter in the mixer application case

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Oman 100KW+50KW photovoltaic pump power supply system

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How to distinguish between heavy faults and light faults

When a light fault occurs, the system issues an alarm signal and the fault indicator flashes. When a heavy fault occurs, the system issues a fault indication and the fault indicator is always on. At the same time, the command is issued to break the high voltage and close the switch, and the fault information and the high voltage breaking command are memorized.


Monitor black screen

Press the system reset button on the door (system reset will not affect the normal running state of the inverter); if it still can't recover, check if the power terminal of the monitor is off, the cable is loose, 5V and 15V power supply is normal, monitoring Is there any obvious damage to the circuit?


The inverter is tripped when it is powered on
When the inverter is powered on, due to the inrush current of the transformer and the charging of the unit capacitor, the instantaneous current effective value can reach 6-7 times of the rated current of the inverter, and the duration is several tens of milliseconds; if the setting of the current protection of the inverter is too small, Will cause the upper switch to trip protection trip.


The motor does not turn after the inverter is running.

Check whether the inverter output has contactor or switch type equipment; check whether the inverter output is connected to the motor once; observe whether the monitor has output current and output voltage. If there is voltage or no current, the main circuit of the inverter to the motor is open.